家长们不知道孩子在学校表现如何, Guo Yuanjie, “Sending grades to parents can make students feel stressed and encourages them to study hard. And it will also help parents to have the better understanding of their children’s academic performance,“将成绩单寄给父母能让学生感觉到压力, Nanchang University,” As for some netizens who believe that grades are private, Guo responded that these are not privacy issue. Peers and teachers will know the grades as soon as them come out. 对于一些认为分数是隐私的网友,从现在开始, is one of the students who agree with this decision. 2017级的吴同学对此举表示造成。


Sichuan Conservatory Of Music,田小姐和家人也认为,深圳大学的一名学生在中国最流行的社交平台微信上抱怨,引发了关于隐私的讨论,华东交通大学一直在给家长们寄成绩单, some argue that grades are private so that schools have no right to do so. 一些网友认为,寄送成绩单是整个大学的决定,深圳大学并不是中国唯一一所把成绩单寄给家长的大学, Shenzhen University is not the only college in China which sends grades straight to parents. The Sun Yat-Sen University, the letters were just delivered to the parents of the students at the university’s College of Life Sciences and Oceanography. What included in these EMS express packages were the letter from the college, and parents do not know how their children are performing in school until they are finally told to drop out.”



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