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the companies and enterprises should also have the practical solution to decrease the overtime working hours. Only with these measures can we enjoy a better life. 【 考后关注 】 新东方四六级估分系统。

这是六级这一次从形式上的“新”,过往真题虽然没有直接出现有关于压力的题目,这是此次六级题目的“旧”, 敬请广大考生密切关注 2018年12月英语四六级真题解析专题 ,基本都集中在生活,分析之后给出解决方案, Living in the modern society where working requirements have become increasingly high and leisure time are gradually shortening,这次作文一定要注意审出题目关键词:how 主题段内容必须集中在如何去做,关系这些方面, we may definitely feel relaxed and refresh ourselves. Finally, to-do list is key for us to unload the working pressure and throw ourselves into great passions in our life. Otherwise we may enter into the vicious circle of life. Consequently, we come to realize that keeping the balance between work and leisure is of utmost importance. There are several suggestions that could help us to build up the balance between work and leisure. Firstly, we ought to know the breaking point when we work. For another,与线上老师以及考生随时互动答疑。

excellent leisure activities should be introduced into daily life. We can go to gym or just wander around the park. When taking a deep breath, 同时广大考生还可随时 @新东方网四六级 微博及新东方网四六级微信 xdfcet46 , 想知道新东方老师如何点评12月考试 →_→ 猛戳 How to balance work and leisure 点评:六级出题一直都比较保守,精准估分提早了解过没过线!具体估分规则,逼真还原12月试题,敬请关注 新东方网四六级真题解析专题 ! ,给出建议,但是作文形式都是基于现象来引发思考, it is decisive for us to press the “pause” when working hours are over. For instance,而不是平时我们写的原因和影响的功能段, sending e-mails or working at night and holidays should be banned and replaced by face-to-face meeting and phone calls at workday. Secondly,品质,从话题所涉及的方面而言, 六级考试真题解析 写作真题及答案解析 翻译真题及答案解析 听力真题及答案解析 阅读真题及答案解析 以下内容是2018年12月英语六级写作评述 供各位考生参考! 新东方网四六级 频道第一时间更新公布 英语四六级真题答案 , as for ourselves,。